Ford Focus as a focus of stupidity

Ford Focus – is one of the many things in this World designed, built, tested and approved for mass production by idiots. There’s another category of idiots who truly love Fords and would never drive anything else but that’s a different story. This story is about the master piece of technical and usability design by the name of Ford Focus.

Let’s say you are driving that… um… thing and want to turn on headlights. As a normal person you would expect to find the headlights knob somewhere on the left side on the steering wheel. And yes, in fact there is a knob there. You try to turn it, push it, pull it – but nothing happens (left and right turn signals don’t count – that’s not what you’re trying to achieve here). It starts getting dark so you find a safe place and pull over to resolve the mystery and find the damn knob to turn on headlights. You must be a genius – the task didn’t take you longer than 2-3 minutes and you found a dial knob somewhere in the lower part of the dash board. Proud of yourself, you want to open the trunk to get some of your stuff. And that leads you to another challenge – the usual handle to open trunk is not where you would suppose to find it. You have no idea what Ford would label and where they would place the handle. But you’re a genius (remember?), so you take the car keys, get out of the car and manually open the trunk in a good old way – by keys.

Alright, it’s time to keep driving. Later you think it could be a good idea to switch your headlights to high beam. Pure logic gives you a hint to look for the high/low beam switch on the same knob you eventually discovered previously. You keep one eye on the road, and use another one to find the switch. Finally you find it. Not on the knob though. Well, at list it’s right next to the knob. Now you (as a good driver) keep both of your eyes on the road since you already know where the switch is, and trying to reach out and turn it on with your left hand. Aha, here it is, right under your fingers. You push it but you see no change in the headlights. That’s bad. But you found how to open the trunk without keys. That’s good. And you opened it while driving 70 mph (110 km/h) on a highway. That’s bad. Now you have to find a safe place to pull over, get out of your car again to close the trunk. Take your time to make sure all your belongings are still there and nothing was blown out of the trunk. Good luck to find it in the dark on a highway within the mile you’ve driven since you realized the trunk was open and before you found the place to pull over and stop.

Show me the idiot who made the two buttons to be of the same shape and placed them right next to each other if it’s absolutely clear that one of them is used almost always when driving and another one only at stops and not otherwise??? Why common sense is in such deficit these days? I’m not even talking about the “fancy” LCD panel impossible to read unless you are the idiots who designed it. Why to reinvent the wheel and mix up all the buttons by placing them in unusual spots with unusual labels and non-predictable functionality? And what for?

Ford stupidity
Top button is the high beam switch. The lower one is to open trunk and has nothing to do with engine in spite of the label.

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