Around the US, Day 6

Finally I got out of Las Vegas. I doubt if I’ll ever want to visit the city again. I will write another post on the city later. Today – Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. Drove ~450 miles today (~725 km). Haven’t seen much of Monument Valley – I got here too late and it was already dark. I will explorer the area tomorrow morning. But Grand Canyon… I just have no words. It’s like the first time you do scuba and get that crazy feeling when you realize that you actually CAN breath under water. Even after seeing tons of Grand Canyon pictures and videos, it’s still a jaw dropping experience – it’s so huge, magnificent and surrealistic!

OK, it’s time to go to bed, it will be a long drive tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the picture below:

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

As usual, the trip maps are available here or from Road Trip menu.

P.S. Monument Valley is a Navajo Tribal park (not a USA National Park), and Navajo culture dominates here in everything. For someone who grew up in USSR where Indians were heroes and cowboys were “bad guys”, it’s a totally awesome spiritual place. Can’t help recalling Medicine Power album by Oliver Shanti. Here’s a sample just to set the proper mood :)

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