Around the US, Day 21

I drove 631 miles (~1,015 km) from Fargo, ND to Billings, MT. Thunderstorms that started somewhere around Chicago and followed me to Madison, WI, turned into just storms with strong wind gusts and heavy rains in Fargo. What can I say about North Dakota? It’s a northern version of Texas – the same plain and boring endlessness. Although ND looks a little bit more interesting due to some trees and lakes. Around Bismark, ND temperature dropped to 36F (~2C) and the rain turned into snow covering everything like a wet sheet. I was in serious doubt if a car rental company puts winter tires on their vehicles unless the company is not in AK, so that snow and freezing rain in addition to the wind made me a little bit nervous – I planned the long trip for the day and slowing down would screw it up. Luckily, 50 miles later the Sun came out of the clouds and dried out the highway. I’m planning another long drive (~540 miles, ~870 km) for tomorrow to Spokane, WA. And then – the last day before coming back to AK. Home, sweet home!..

Trip maps and daily progress is here.

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