Around the US, Day 2

Today was the first oops. Pretty big one actually. I already checked out of the Newport’s hotel and was ready to take off, when my GPS navigator stopped working. All the attempts to reanimate it including reinstalling the system software failed. All the maps and POIs I created and uploaded to the device are kind of useless now since it dies every time I’m trying to call to any navigation functions. Garmin’s website kindly reminded me that my warranty has expired exactly 30 days ago, and it would cost me $130 to repair the device + whatever shipping costs would be to send it to Garmin. Well, I guess at this point it made no difference to me ’cause I already was more than 3 hours behind my schedule, and without a navigator and the maps I created the whole idea would be kind of dead. Just like the navigator. The only solution is to get a new navigator. I found the nearest Fred Meyer in Newport and got the last and the only GPS navigator they had (should I consider myself lucky here?) – Garmin 54LM for $160. The thing is the device does not allow to uploaded custom maps from BaseCamp, it’s a very basic model. I finally ended up with getting every custom point I created in BaseCamp and adding them to Favorites in the new navigator by manually entering their complete geographic coordinates. Tons of fun. The new navigator also doesn’t support custom routes, just simple navigation from one point to another so if my route consists of of five locations – A, B, C, D and E, I have to navigate to point B, then after arriving there I need to navigate to point C, and so on. I left Newport, OR after noon instead of early morning, and had to drive down to Eureka, CA almost non-stop skipping 95% of all the placed I planned to stop by.

Good thing is I made it to California today as planned, and I’m not behind the schedule. Checked in a hotel – Days Inn Eureka ($78 per night, the place is much better than Knights Inn motel in Newport). I’m going to google if there are any hacks for the dead Garmin navigator. If there are none, then I’ll have to enter geographical coordinates like N44 40 36.4, W124 4 45.9 for each of the points I planned for tomorrow.

Drove 320 miles (~515 km) today. Click here for the trip maps.

One way or another, I’m planning to drive down to San Francisco tomorrow on the Day 3 of my “grand voyage”.

Day 1 was nothing in comparison to the level of stress I got today.

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