Around the US, Day 19

Change of plans – had to drive through Madison and to spend the night in a small funny-named town – Baraboo, WI. Somehow all hotels with more or less good ratings are sold out in Madison for tonight.

Another change of plans which will seriously affect the rest of my trip is caused by the ongoing Shutdown. I was planning to drive through South Dakota visiting Badlands and Mount Rushmore National Parks but the latest news is all the parks are still closed. So I have to switch to plan B and to drive through North Dakota visiting the famous city of Fargo (thank to Coen brothers for the awesome movie). Well, at least I was lucky enough to see Death Valley and Grand Canyon National Parks ~ a week before Shutdown.

The trip slowly but surely goes to the end. Four more days (if everything goes as planned), and I should see Space Needle in the wonderful city of Seattle. I’m really getting exhausted, and don’t have time to put all the thoughts and impressions of the trip together into a post. I will do it after I get back to Anchorage. Alright, it’s time to go to bed – I expect another long drive from Baraboo, WI to Minneapolis, MN and then to Fargo, ND tomorrow. Should take about eight hours but I’m sure it will take longer.

Drove 440 miles (~708 km) today. I guess my hands will remain in “ten minutes to two” position for a couple of weeks after I complete the trip and come back to Alaska.

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