Around the US, Day 12

Drove 413 miles (~665 km) today. I have completed my southern part of the trip today and ended up in Savannah, GA. From now on it’s all gonna be up north along the east coast (mostly). I guess I’ll have to change my shorts and flip-flops to jeans and shoes in a couple of days.

Northern Florida made a very good impression on me. It looked like something in between of Hawaiian Maui and Port Angeles, WA to me – relatively quiet, without any attempts to show off, nice, clean and quiet. I don’t know, maybe Miami and other southern places in Florida are more like LA or Las Vegas. Northern part with its big trees, green but not bright foliage, old plantations has its own charm.

Tallahassee has tons of interesting names for a Russian eye – Kaki Pope (Каки Попе), Pedrick (Педрик), and others that I don’t remember, and as usual I was too lazy to park and take pictures. I’m glad I don’t live on Pedrick Street – just can’t imagine telling my Russian friends my home address.

Have not seen much of Savannah yet – I got here late and it was already dark when I went out. But that little I’ve seen looks very interesting. Want to have a better look at Savannah’s Historic District tomorrow morning before leaving the city.

The hotel I’m staying in – Inn at Ellis Square – looks almost nothing like its website. It’s an old and pretty worn out, overpriced place. At first when I got there I thought it was some sort of a retirement castle – old couples everywhere, a couple of old ladies played solitaire or other card game in the lobby. By “old” I mean ladies and gentlemen in their 70’s and older. Several young faces looked like a real dissonance here.

Today is the median of my road trip ~ 50% done. Drove 4,918 miles (~7.915 km) in 12 days. As usual, the maps are available here.

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